An attempt for quantum teleportation via current.
A fiction visual travel journal with print and silent movie. Adopted from 〈Journal of the Unfortunate Voyage of the Jaght the Sperwer〉, wrote by Hendrik Hamel 1657.
Found Footage Film weaved with collected fragments, based on history of modern tragedy in Korea.
Virtual solo exhibition with digital scrapping, tour guide video included. Under the exhibition project 《Horror Vacui》, project space AD/AD Hanover and HBK Braunschweig.
One person started to questioning the usage of womanizer and the kärcher vaccum cleaner.

“There was nothing but rice fields, and it was so dirty…
When I saw the apartment (I ended up living in), it was like a palace.”

The word “Jungfrau” has three meanings in German.

A video work about the process of suspicion and abandonment, while an event or a happening are being recognised, believed, consequently convinced.

Two workers at McDonalds wanted to write a message like an SOS to the world.

Big video projection on subtly moving curtain.

A installation, filled a wall with A3 papers. A small drawing is magnified in a digital program and is bluffed its size and getting cutted into international format.

Sketch animation video, started with the quotation from the first sentence of 《Verwandlung》.

A room with special milk where all sins are forgiven.

Saying “Know your shame” in different romantic ways.

The ongoing book on being thankful.

Inviting a ghost to ask about the future.

The little pieces in the letter never really left my space.

A lost movement with tradition swing in front of (once) the higest buidiling of seoul, from 1985-2003.

A shabby octagonal castle made of blood colors recommended for women.

9 highly emotional sentences, selected from Franz Kafka’s oeuvre, installed along the way to the exhibition.

A new solution to the always-enforced emotional restraint.

Mixed love songs