Me as mussels (After Marcel Broodthaers)

Digital Print
each 220*150 cm

Four portraits in the corners, each with a clam in front of it that mimics the mouth of the corresponding portrait.
The clam has long been used as a symbol of women and femininity in art history and in the real world, but it is not women who have defined and created this symbol. In front of this empty symbol, the woman who has lost her voice screams out.

In both the real world and the art world, it was a virtue for women to be desired. It has been socially required to be an object of desire. The mother goddesses/women with their naked bodies draped in ten million cloths, considered masterpieces in Western art history, were pornography for the rich, created by artists on commission. Theorists and historians have struggled to make sense of these paintings and argue that they are not pornography. In this process, women have been constantly objectified and their voices denied.
These photographs were created to show/denounce this situation.

Schnittraum, Brunswick, Germany, 2019
⟨Prekäre Situationen und weitere Aktivitäten⟩ Kunstverein & Stiftung Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen, Germany, 2019

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