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Bbi-ra Trilogy

The Bbira Trilogy is the story of a “me” who meets, is fascinated by, explores, and loathes the tiny substance that came with Bbira, and then painfully tries to part with it, but it never goes away.

(Bbira is propaganda leaflets, North and South Korea throwing at each other from airplanes or ballons.)

One day, after receiving a letter with a mysterious name, the “I” is tormented by the tiny glitter that came with the letter. The glitters are also very beautiful, so much so that you can stare at them for a while, mesmerized. It is happy to look at them. Their sparkle is brilliant. But they are also things that should never be found in my room again. They must soon leave this house with me. But the glitter sticks to the soap I use to clean my hands, to the toilet bowl, to the book I’m reading, to the bin I collect paper waste in, sometimes to my eyes, and to the white carpet with its fluffy, long fur. To say goodbye to the glitter, I decided to shake it off with all my might.

Part 1: Receive the letter, Part 2: Explore, and Part 3: Shake things up.

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