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Jungfrau vs Jungfrau


“”The word “Jungfrau” has three meanings in German.

1. Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus
2. Virgin, a woman who has never had sexual intercourse
3. One of the summits of the Bernese Alps. Located south of Bern, between Valais and Valais. Halfway between Interlaken and Fiesch.

In German, jung=young and frau=female, so this is a simple compound that means “young woman”.
Perhaps at one time, a young woman had to be a virgin who had never had sex, like the Virgin Mary. At other times, a young woman was supposed to have never had sex and be breathtakingly beautiful, like a mountain range in the Alps.
Wörterbuch ⋅ One and an other are another : AD/AD Project Space Hanover / Zoyeon

Deutschlandstipendium 2019 – 2020, HBK Gallery, Brunswick, Germany
Braunschweig International Filmfestival 2019, Kino Universum, Brunswick, Germany
Lichte Momente, 2021, Osnabrück, Germany

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