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All about my father as far as I know


“(The now-expensive apartme nt) had nothing but rice fields, and it was so dirty… When I saw the apartment (I ended up living in), it was like a palace.” In order to understand where the conflict with my father comes from, I explore him without having any contact with him. In the current generation of my parents, there are certain political positions that I, or people with similar life experiences to mine, find unacceptable. I wondered why we couldn’t understand each other when neither of us were doing anything wrong, just living their lives hard. I explore his life to understand how and why people like my dad, who lived according to the common sense of the time, are affected by political forces. And what people like me can do about it. He’s not a crazy person or a monster, he’s just a person who chose to make the choices that were put in front of him in his time. This video traces the life of a man and records the history of a society through the things he experienced.

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