Jungfrau vs Jungfrau

by Joran Yonis, Monika Witte / Lichte Momente 2021

In her works she deals with personal borderline experiences and human behavior in exceptional situations. Themes such as loneliness and boredom play a major role. In addition, she increasingly deals with art historical themes in her works. Zoyeon exhibits internationally and is, among other things, a scholarship holder of the Stiftung Kunstfonds, the DAAD and the Deutschlandstipendium.

The video work Jungfrau vs Jungfrau shows two sculptural forms in dialogue. On the right side is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary, familiar to us in its appearance, and on the left side is a figure formed with hands of soft butter. It is the artist’s attempt to reproduce the sculpture of the Virgin Mary.

However, she cannot maintain the posture due to the consistency of butter and yet the hands are trying hard to maintain the association. It is difficult to follow such an icon of cultural history, as it carries its meaning in every fold and appears flawless with its porcelain varnish. As a woman not raised in the Western world, devotion to Mary was a new experience for the artist when she came to Germany.

The artist perceives that the Virgin Mary corresponds to the ideal image of the “good woman” in our cultural circle. For her, however, it is an unattainable goal. It remains a utopia.

At the same time, the people who grew up here are not aware of the important role that the image of the Virgin plays for them and their idea of themselves, and thus also shapes them,” says the artist.