The three steps for certainty
확신의 3단계
Die drei Schritte zur Gewissheit

ENG/KOR (Each language has one version)
No subtitles, voice dubbed 2018

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The Ignorance. It could be a type of defense mechanism that reduces anxiety from unacceptable stimulation.
This video traces the process of ignorance and reminding from traumatic memory, which is similar to subscribe apple music or searching a cooking recipe at google.
The three steps for certainty is the work about the process of suspicion and abandonment, while an event or a happening are being recognized, believed, or convinced. The scenes of the user’s memories are reconstructed in the laptop and go through the proof steps of their own.

Die drei Schritte zur Gewissheit, entstand im Prozess des Verdachts und der Aufgabe, während der Bewegung zu einem Ereignis oder einer Sache, die anerkannt, geglaubt oder überzeugt wird. Die Szenen der Erinnerungen des Benutzers, werden im Laptop rekonstruiert und durchlaufen die eigenen Beweisschritte.

확신의 3단계는 어떤 사건이나 물건이 인지, 믿음, 확신으로 나아가는 과정에서 생기는 의심과 포기에 관한 작업이다. 사용자의 기억의 장면들은 개인의 기기 안에서 재구성되고 나름대로의 증명의 단계를 거친다.

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