Pathworks and missing clues

by Ida Elsa

Zoyeon’s virtual solo exhibition «Pathworks and missing clues» is a reproduction of a digital publication created in the form of a book with a jukebox.

An eclectic amalgamation of elements that seem almost arbitrary: text, images, music and various sound elements are fragments of a scene for her. “Since the work started with the text, if considered as a play text (script), this can be seen as a situation of a small play that has developed strangely” says Zoyeon. British and American pop music from the 90s and 2000s, electronic music from Japanese DJs and K-pop punctuate the visual journey.

The exhibition is a cabinet of curiosities, full of popular culture, fragmentary combinations of images and quotes from books that were formative for Zoyeon. “This work was originally about a book: I’m sort of reading the book page by page to visitors in the exhibition,” she describes.

Writer: Ida Elsa (Elsa Pertoft)