The way home

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Steel, wooden frame, digital print on PVC
60 x 90 cm x 7EA

Installation on the way to exhibition site
Random selected quotations from Franz Kafka’s Oeuvre
♦Please Forgive me
♦Lips were slightly opened
♦Flushed face
♦We must ask for a help
♦”Is it die?”
♦Kissed and said like this,
♦Cried at us
These sentences are selected out of context.

전시장소로 오는 길목에 설치된
프란츠 카프카의 전집에서 무작위로 선택한 문장들
♦입술은 반 쯤 벌어져 있었다
♦홍조 띈 얼굴
♦도움을 요청 해야만 한다
♦키스하고는 이렇게 말했다
♦우리를 향해 외쳤다