Know your shame

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dimensions variable
Toothpaste on the ground

The characters on the ground stayed during the exhibition period. It is allowed to step on the characters to fade away them. It happened at project space Schnittraum, Braunschweig university of art, Germany for 3 days.

깨끗하고 더럽기도 한 치약의 향기와 함께 누군가에게는 모욕적인 문구이기도 한 “Know your shame”은 프로젝트 공간 ‘슈닛라움’의 바닥에 쓰여져 3일동안 사람들을 만났다. 누군가는 치약을 밟고 미끄러지며 욕을 했고 누군가는 치약의 향을 맡으며 좋아했다.

Know your shame - Christmas ornament

Glitter, Acrylic, LED lights, thread

Photo : Alexander Janz
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