Code of Conduct

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Digital prints
42 * 29.7 cm / 29.7 * 42 cm

“Code of Conduct” is an artwork which consist of 3 digital-prints. The first print the code of conduct from ‘Chijon-gang’ that existed 1993-1994. Each prints have same form to see easily the similarity of two groups.

**Code of Conduct Chijon Family**
We take away belongings of rich people, the people have good connections, and kill them.
1. For surviving of Chijon Family, we kill the people who act against our will and betray our Family, without questions.
2. We deprive the rich people of amount of money until 1,000,000,000KRW
3. We curse the rich people.

<행동강령>은 특정 사회에서 보이지 않게 작용하는 법칙과 실제 1993년-1994년 한국에 존재했던 갱단 ‘지존파’의 행동강령을 함께 설치한 작업이다.